Amphan Relief

Amphan has hit us badly, be it the urban areas or the rural ones. Specially the Sundarbans! At Aspire and Glee, we are trying our best to help the lesser privileged people in Bengal to find a reason to smile.

May 27, 2020: 200 Ration Kits Distribution – Manmathanagar village,Gosaba, Sundarban

We have completed distributing 180+ ration kits (daily essentials) to the cyclone affected families in Manmathanagar village, Gosaba Sunderban.

May 28 and 29,2020: Rebuilding Houses at Patharpratima, Sagar, Sandeshkhali, Gosaba, Sunderban With UPAJ India

100+ Tarpaulins stocked up for relief drive in Patharpratima, Sagar, Sandeshkhali in association with UPAJ India

May 30, 2020: Relief Distribution-Baghekhaowa Gram, Gosaba

Although the budget was for 200+ families, there were more! But we wouldn’t let a single mouth unfed! And then the relief was upgraded to 300 families. – Baghekhaowa Gram, Gosaba

May 30, 2020: Help @Ghasiyara

Rs 57,000 donated within 11 families. Team Aspire and Glee visited Ghasiyara village in S-24 parganas and scrutinised the entire village and accordingly supported the most needy ones.
Neither Amphan, nor covid-19 can stop the will to stand by people!

May 31, 2020: Mission Sandeshkhali,Aspire And Glee in association with UPAJ India.

500 families recieved dry food kits (1 kg chida, 500gm muri, 250gm batasha, 250 gm veli gur, 400 gm biscuits)

100 Tarpaulins, 200 sanitary napkins, 200 masks, medicines, 120 ORS, Zeoline, Chlorine tablets, mosquito repellents, candle, match boxes were provided.
Materials for 2500 meals was handed over for community kitchen.

..And no one goes unfed

June 3, 2020
Community Kitchen at work in Sandeshkhali remote villages by Aspire And Glee in collaboration with UPAJ India

June 7,2020: Keep clean, stay safe! Hygiene drive @Jotirapur in collaboration with  SETU Sverige Foundation

300 packets (double bed mosquito net, phenyl 500ml, double layer cotton mask and dettol soap) were distributed within the needy families of these two villages, in collaboration with  SETU Sverige Foundation

June 8, 2020: 300 Ration Kits and Essentials Distributed @Rangabelia, In Association With ShivYog

Team Aspire And Glee in action in Rangabelia. We distributed 300 ration kits and essentials to the needy ones. We sincerely thank ShivYog members for sponsoring us with biscuits and cakes for the event.

June 10, 2020: 200 Tarpaulins and 500 Ration Kits @Sagar Island With UPAJ India

We in association with UPAJ India distributed 200 tarpaulins, 500 full ration kits within the needy.

June 17, 2020: 500 Ration Kits,Nets and Bedsheets Distributed
@Patharpratima,in association with UPAJ India.

Ration kits include rice,lentils,edible oil, chillis, tumeric, soyabean, puffed rice, chida, biscuits, soap. Each family received one ORS as well.

Also 3000 sanitary napkins were distributed along with generic medicines.

June 14, 2020: Female Hygiene

The bleeding Goddess is worshiped in temple, but the bleeding woman is ostracized.Has helped women preserve their dignity and health out for 3 months.

June 22, 2020: Child Immunity Drive: Distributed Immunity Boosting Packets to 390 Kids @Raidighi

Thanks to all the donors who supported us.We have successfully completed the event in Raidighi. 390 kids of age 0-6 years got immunity boosting packet (milk powder, glucose biscuits, sooji etc).

As we say, that our job is not done yet. We will continue spreading smiles.

June 19, 2020: House Reconstruction

One of the worst hits of Amphan was Kakdwip. We extended our hands to reconstruct few of the houses.

Never fear when Aspire and Glee is here

June 27, 2020: 150 Tarpaulin Distribution
@Bhubaneswari, With UPAJ I

Tarpaulins were distributed to about 150 families over the coastal area of Bhubaneswari in collaboration with UPAJ India.

June 28, 2020: 200 Ration Kits And Sanitary Napkins Tarpaulin Distribution

Here, we are spreading smiles in PotuaBamankhali where we distributed 200 ration kits & sanitary napkins.

June 30, 2020: 100 Ration Kit Distribution

100 Ration kit distribution, including pulses, oil, chida, muri, biscuit, sattoo, spices, salt etc are done in Nazat.

Never a better day to spread smiles!

July 5, 2020: Ration Kit, Tarpaulin, Mosquito net Distribution

We managed to spread smiles in 300 families at HerambaGopalpur by giving them tarpaulin, ration packet, solar lamps, mosquito net (mutually exclusive).

From the bottom of our heart want to thank Nilanjana and the entire brigade of Luxembourg Probashi Bangalis for having faith in us and supporting us in this drive.

July 15, 2020: Rice to feed for another fortnight
@Heaven Shelter Alipurduar

We have been able to sponsor rice for another fortnight and oil for the entire one month for Heaven Shelter in Alipurduar which is a home to elderly people, abandoned people.

Thanks to Kamalika for her support.

July 28, 2020: Ration Kit Distribution

Around 50 families were benefitted in Pushagram, Near Potashpur, Midnapore, where ration kits were distributed along with Tarpaulins

August 3, 2020: Happy Raksha Bandhan
@Naipur and Ambi Villages

Ration kit and dry food packages were distributed among 70+ families among two villages at Midnapur

August 6, 2020: Ration Kits
@Villages near Potashpur

Ration kit and dry food packages were distributed among 45+ families among two villages at Midnapur

August 18, 2020: Ration Kits
@Villages in Midnapur

Another 40+ families were given ration kits and dry food in Midnapur area.

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